Getting Your Classroom NGSS Ready

Is your classroom NGSS ready? As primary teachers, you know the importance of building the foundations with your young students during the year to support their futures as students, lifelong learners, and informed citizens. A critical component of these educational foundations is science! But, where do you start?
There are many questions to consider as you plan for a successful year of science learning. What initial steps will you take with NGSS? 
As I head into the new school year, I wanted to focus on making my classroom NGSS ready.  I started with a very basic focus wall that included the standard being studied, key vocabulary, essential question and "I can" statement. This way, anyone who walks into my classroom will know what we are currently focusing on.  Check out my 4th grade poster set for an idea of what should be on your focus wall!
I also created a space in the room that houses my new and improved science centers, science materials, exploration materials and science books.
I can't wait for my students to dive into these new standards!


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